Valeo Weighted Vest is great for strength training.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Valeo Weighted Vest.
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BNB-VWV20   -  20 lb Valeo Weighted Vest                          $52.95

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Buy your Valeo Weighted Vests NOW!

Wear the Valeo Weighted Vest to gain strength and endurance during your workout so they will be more effective and give your better results.  Whether youíre a pro lifter or an amateur fitness enthusiast, you can use a weight vest to enhance your workout, especially if itís 1 of the purposefully and thoughtfully constructed Valeo Weighted Vests. This impressively designed weight vest distributes the extra poundage evenly around the torso to help you improve cardiovascular conditioning and strength during workout routines, whether youíre jogging on a treadmill, during aerobics or doing a weightlifting routine. A weight vest can even help with speed and endurance.

Valeo Weighted Vest Features:

Comfortable to wear, unlike many other weight vests.
Has added features like reflective binding, front clip belts and an accessory pocket.
Vests are 1 size fits all.
Available in black with silver outline.
Available in 20 lbs.
Each with 1 lb. removable packs for convenient and easy weight adjustment.
Color: Black
One size fits all
Valeo Weighted Vest
Valeo Weighted Vest
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