MDR Vinyl Dumbbell Kit  will suit a whole gym with dumbells!
MDR Vinyl Dumbbell Kit will fit a whole gym with dumbbells!
MDR Vinyl Dumbbell Set with Rack
Vinyl Dumbbell Kit
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your vinyl dumbbells.
Buy your MDR Vinyl  Dumbbell Kit  NOW!
This Vinyl Dumbbell Kit will fit a whole gym with dumbbells and store them  The Vinyl Dumbbell Kit  includes standard rack with 86 pairs of vinyl weights. (note, when comparing this to other rack suppliers, we advertise as pairs of weights rather than individual pieces.) This vinyl dumbbell kit drop ships only from factory via common carrier - UPS is not able to ship this item

  -   14 1-lb., 12 2-lbs., 18 3-lbs., 16 5-lbs., 14 8-lbs., 12 10-lbs no substitutions or changes to the kit
  -   premium vinyl coated HEX dumbbells with ego handles
  -   will not crack, rust or fade
  -   weights color coated by weight
  -   sturdy metal rack that holds 86 pairs of vinyl weights
  -   measures 46" H x 40" W x 26" depth
  -   warranty: the frame has a lifetime warranty and 1 year against breakage for the original owner;
  -   casters and other optional accessories available separately

VERY IMPORTANT: Drop ships from manufacturer via common carrier which means you must have a loading dock or the means to lift the skid off the truck. If you need a lift gate which will bring the skids down to the ground, there is an additional charge which varies. If a phone call is needed in advance of the delivery, the Freight Company requires an additional charge.

Optional Parts:

MDR Under Rack -
allows for storage of 6 pairs of 5 pound to 12 pounds weights can only be used with MDR rack

MDR Rack Casters -  set of 4 casters (wheels) that allow for easy mobility use of your loaded dumbbell rack

Additional Vinyl Dumbbells
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Buy your MDR Vinyl Dumbbell Kit  NOW!
Vinyl Dumbbell Kit

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Vinyl Dumbbells
Vinyl Dumbbell Kit with Rack